I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


How well do you know the Early Middle Ages? As we get back into the school year, these questions might be of interest to students, and to new or inexperienced reemactors!

  1. The best cure against a head ache is:
    A. Drinking a hen’s egg, mixed in warm ale
    B. Lying on a dog’s head, burned to ashes
    C. Singing nine Pater Nosters
    D. Leeches
  2. In an Anglo-Saxon aphrodisiac, you would likely use:
    A. Deer testicles
    B. A carrot and two plums
    C. Oysters
    D. Leeches
  3. A hiccough is most likely caused by:
    A. Accidentally swallowing an elf
    B. Drinking too quickly
    C. An imbalance of the humors
    D. Fear of Viking Invasion
  4. Which is the best cure against warts?
    A. Applying some leeches
    B. A mixture of dog’s urine and mouse blood
    C. Pray the Pater Noster three times
    D. Cutting them off with a heated knife
  5. In case of severed sinews, apply:
    A. Leeches
    B. Hemp bath
    C. Earthworms
    D. The bark of a young and healthy tree
  6. Throwing a dung beetle over your shoulder and saying “Remedium facio ad ventris dolorem” three times will:
    A. Get rid off an annoying itch between your shoulder blades
    B. Give you the power to cure stomach aches for a full year
    C. Alleviate diarrhea in the entire village
    D. Get rid off the dung beetle
  7. A child has a fever, you:
    A. Apply leeches on its forehead
    B. Have him drink a potation with goat dung
    C. Put it on a rooftop in the sun
    D. Put it in an oven
  8. Against heart ache:
    A. Ribwort, boiled in milk, drink it for nine mornings
    B. Ribwort, boiled in milk, drink it for six mornings
    C. Ribwort, boiled in milk, drink it for three mornings
    D. Ribwort, boiled in milk, drink it for seven mornings
  9. Which one of these remedies is not an actual Anglo-Saxon remedy?
    A. None; They are all real
    B. Against madness, hit the patient with a whip made of dolphin skin
    C. Against a stomach ache, sleep next to a fat child
    D. Against misty eyes, rub the eyes with child’s urine and honey
  10. Your patient has a sore throat, you prescribe:
    A. Nine leeches
    B. Take the neck of a goose and wrap it around the patient’s neck
    C. Gargle with the spittle of a horse
    D. Drink heated honey with some herbs
  11. For a cold
    A. Drink Garlic tea
    B. Fry black snails in a hot pan and rub it to dust and let the man eat the dust
    C. Seethe nettle in oil. Smear and rub all over the body
    D. Take cannabis, pounded. with grease, lay it to the breasts.
  12. A physican was known as
    A. A doctor
    B. A laece
    C. A surgien
    D. A barbour

answers: 1-B. 2-A. 3-A. 4-B. 5-C. 6-C. 7-C. 8-A. 9-A. 10-D. 11-C. 12-B.

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