I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


How well do you know the Early Middle Ages? As we get back into the school year, these questions might be of interest to students, and to new or inexperienced reemactors!

  1. Medieval Books were printed on
    A. Paper
    B. Skin
    C. Wool
    D. Horn
  2. A bound book was known as a
    A. Notebook
    B. Rune stone
    C. Scroll
    D. Codex
  3. The first books were bound in
    A. Circa 33
    B. Circa 300
    C. Circa 700
    D Circa 1455
  4. Right- and left-hand pages were known, respectively, as
    A. Dexter and Sinister
    B. Right and Left
    C. Recto and Verso
    D Kumquat and Plantain
  5. Paper was first used in Europe in
    A. Circa 100
    B. Circa 1100
    C. Circa 1350
    D Circa 1612
  6. In Europe, books were hand written until
    A. Circa 1000
    B. Circa 1400
    C. Circa 1455
    D. Circa 1583
  7. Pen nibs were made out of
    A. Feathers
    B. Steel
    C. Copper
    D. Reeds
  8. An individual page was known as
    A. Folo
    B. Folio
    C. Octavo
    D. Octavio
  9. Awls for boring holes were also known as
    A. Needles
    B. Gimlets
    C. Martinis
    D. Seaxes
  10. The movable type press was developed in Europe in
    A. Amerigo Vespucci
    B. William Caxton
    C. Johannes Gutenberg
    D. Marco Polo
  11. The name of the bribe paid to the Norse by the English was
    A. Hoard
    B. Blood Eagle
    C. Pouchware
    D. Danegeld
  12. The first Norseman who encountered Iceland was
    A. Naddoddr
    B. Leifr Eiriksson
    C. Thangbrand
    D. Snorri Sturlusson

answers: 1-B. 2-D. 3-B. 4-C. 5-B. 6-B. 7-D. 8-B. 9-B. 10-C. 11-D. 12-A.

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