I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


How well do you know the Early Middle Ages? As we get back into the school year, these questions might be of interest to students, and to new or inexperienced reemactors!

  1. What was the meaning of the term “Viking”?
    A. Warrior from Scandinavia
    B. Barbarian
    C. Pirate
    D. Pirate/Trader
  2. What was the name of Arab envoy who wrote about Vikings?
    A. Abu ibn Battutah
    B. Ahmed ibn Fadlan
    C. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    D. Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib
  3. What word did the Anglo-Saxons not use for “Knife”?
    A. Seax
    B. Cnif
    C. Knif
    D. Bill
  4. Who was the first Norse king of England?
    A. Sveyn Forkbeard
    B. Ivarr the Boneless
    C. Canute the Great
    D. William of Normandy
  5. What is the name of the first Viking ship found?
    A. Vasa
    B. Gokstad
    C. Tune
    D. Knarr
  6. What the Viking army in Constantinople called?
    A. The Varangian Guard
    B. The Vikings
    C. The Micel Here
    D. The Rus
  7. What was the name by which the game King’s Table was known?
    A. Drepa
    B. Hnefatafl
    C. Hnefatafl
    D. Merels
  8. The Norse-ruled part of England was known as
    A. North Country
    B. Danelaw
    C. Danegeld
    D. Wic
  9. What name was not used by Oðinn?
    A. Asagrim
    B. Hárr
    C. Gautr
    D. Olav
  10. When did Iceland convert to Christianity?
    A. 870
    B. 930
    C. 1000
    D. 1550
  11. A drakkar was
    A. A dragon in a saga
    B. A longship
    C. A minstrel
    D. A seaman
  12. A Faering was
    A. A law court
    B. A farmer
    C. A small boat
    D. A parliament

answers: 1-D. 2-B. 3-D. 4-A. 5-C. 6-A. 7-B. 8-B. 9-D. 10-C. 11-B. 12-C.

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