I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


How well do you know the Early Middle Ages? As we get back into the school year, these questions might be of interest to students, and to new or inexperienced reemactors!

  1. What race did the Norse call Serkirs?
    A. The Franks
    B. The Greeks
    C. The Moors
    D. The Eskimos
  2. What was Roggvarfeldr?
    A. Sowing the field
    B. Norman overthrow of the Danelaw
    C. King of Mercia 956–958
    D. Fake fur
  3. On what day did Eþelræd try to kill all Scandinavians in England?
    A. St. Christopher Day 999
    B. St. Bryce’s Day 1002
    C. St. Valentine’s Day 1013
    D. St. Callistus Day 1066
  4. Which had the first democracy since classical times?
    A. Danelaw
    B. Iceland
    C. United States of America
    D. Mercia
  5. What did the Anglo-Saxons call a belt?
    A. Balut
    B. Ard
    C. Windingas
    D. Belt
  6. What were Norse parliaments were known as?
    A. Things
    B. Stuff
    C. Assemblies
    D. Moots
  7. Who were the æðelings?
    A. Norse royalty
    B. Anglo Saxon royalty
    C. Anglo-Saxon carts
    D. English kings’ daughters
  8. What was the most common fabric used in Norse and Anglo-Saxon cultures
    A. Linen
    B. Silk
    C. Cotton
    D. Wool
  9. What was a scop?
    A. An Anglo-Saxon minstrel
    B. A device used by Vikings to bail out ships
    C. An Anglo-Saxon shovel
    D. An Anglo-Saxon spade
  10. What was the Norse farmer class called?
    A. Æðelings
    B. Bondi
    C. Serfs
    D. Haymadr
  11. The longest-reigning Englisc king was
    A. Alfred
    B. Ethelred
    C. Canute
    D. Harold
  12. For counting, the Norse used
    A. A decimal system
    B. A duodecimal system
    C. Only their fingers
    D. They never counted

answers: 1-C. 2-D. 3-B. 4-B. 5-D. 6-A. 7-B. 8-D. 9-A. 10-B. 11-B. 12-B.

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