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Is World of Warcraft a Traditional Viking Game?

I’m being a good boy.

Over on an email list, the “Viking game kubb” is raising its ugly head again. There are its fervent supporter of course. It’s a fun game for playing after hours. but not only no provenance for its appearance as a “Viking” game but provenance for wen it was created in the mid-20C!  The pople who support it point out that “kubb” is a Swedish word, that promnent Swedish archaeologists are keen on the game and the “Vikings” probably had throwing games. Others note that it is not mentioned in an early 20C book on Scandinavian game (though an early edition of a book claimed it was traditional, while later editions corrected this) and we even know the name of the person who invented it (thanks to research by Pat Smith).

Using the same logic as the devotees, I have NOT asked on the list if Magic or WoW are traditional Viking game. Using their logic, they are just as period as kubb. After all, the word “magic” or “warcraft” has antecedents from the middle age. They tolld stories about magic and warcraft in the period. I figure one person, using the rules he uses to justify Kubb, should insist that it is! And I know at least one academic who likes playing the games. Ergo, instant provenance! The games existyed in the Early Middle Ages and should be played at living-history events!

Now, excuse me, I’ve got to go documented horned helmets. They had horns during the time and they had helmets, and…

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