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Working on a new version of the bibliography and sharing it here. These books are recommended—or warned against—by members of the group and other medievalists. Please write with any additions you suggest!


Brown, Peter. Augustine of Hippo
One of Norman Cantor’s Short List.

Douglas, David Charles. William the Conqueror; the Norman Impact upon England
Biography of the Bastard.

Duckett, Eleanor Shipley. Alfred the Great
Biography of vastly over-estimated Anglo-Saxon monarch.

Lavelle, Ryan. Æthelred II: King of the English
Apologist, revisionist biography of one of the—if not the—worst of the English kings.

Lawson, M. K. Cnut: England’s Viking King
Biography of the Norseman who sat the English throne so well.

Walker, Ian W. Harold: The Last Anglo-Saxon King
Biography of the last Anglo-Saxon king.

Williams, Gareth. Eirik Bloodaxe
Biography of one of the early significant figures in the Danelaw.


Bealer, Alex W. The Art of Blacksmithing
Good beginning blacksmithing book—includes some armor and weapons making.

Chinnery, Victor. Oak Furniture: the British Tradition
Covers all types of furniture very well, though from a British, present in Britain, or affecting British furniture making perspective. This is an excellent work, profusely illustrated and footnoted, and the discussion reflects the best of modern scholarship and resources.

Diehl, Daniel. Constructing Medieval Furniture
A practical guide with historical notes.

Fleming, James Evans. The Blacksmith’s Source Book
Excellent bibliography on the history of Blacksmithing. Annotated source to 300 works.

McDonald, Fiona. Textiles: A History.
A handy and illustrated book dealing with histoical textiles and production.

Mercer, Eric. Furniture: 700-1700
An overview of the development of furniture, with many excellent illustrations, both from primary sources and of the pieces themselves.

Oates, Phyllis. The Story of Western Furniture
An overview of European furniture styles and usages.

Watkins, F. L. Age of Wood
A look at woodworking during the Viking age, including woods, tools and methods.

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