I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


After a discussion with Gary Golding on racks for holding scrivening tools, I made a triangular desk. It was relatively small and attractive. Then Gary told me about the elevated lap desk and shared several illustrations. And suddenly, I wanted to make one!


Gary helped me considerably, answering question s and making suggestions.I decided that I wanted to make a rounded-end desk but, to make it interesting, I had the top rounded and the bottom straight edged. Was this done? I do not know, but it does not seem impossible!Looking at the illustrations, the desk were probably about yard long. I made mine of oak and, to keep the weight down, made it 20 x 11 inches. I wanted to make the desks ½ inch, but I ended up making it one inch thick.


While uncertain whether the originals were able to be disassembled for transport or not, I made the desk able to be disassembled. The pins were wood and to make it more stable, they were rather thicker than the illustrations show.Here is how the desk is disassembled.



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