I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


I resolve to never use the term “Dark Ages.”

I resolve never to use the term “Viking” to describe a culture.

I resolve never to wear spex while in Early Medieval clothing

I resolve never to wear cotton jammie bottoms in costume.

I resolve never to wear a belt more than an inch thick in costume.

I resolve never to darken my appearance with pitch black.

I resolve never to participate in a society that has to apologize for and rationalize its farbiness.

I resolve never to wear a necklace of beads.

I resolve never to respond to anyone who apologizes or rationalizes his society’s farbiness and then calls his society’s events “reenactments”…but I will continue to laugh like crazy whenever I read this!

I resolve to always examine and to implement any valid new research.

I resolve to always do as good a job creating and maintaining the illusion required by living history and remember at all times that merely dressing in historical clothing means that I am a model for all reenactors.

I resolve to educate people, to have a good time doing it and to never be ashamed for being silly off hours…but not to claim that this has anything to do with reenactment.

Most of these are not new. That does not mean that they are not important!

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