I don’t live in the past—I only visit—and so can you!


Most serious living-history groups are always looking for new members, but they are not organizations for everyone. Below, we have a dozen statements that will honestly ascertain whether you would be interested in serious living histrory. If you disagree with many or most of them, then you would happier participating in a less exacting living-history organization, in a loose fancy dress party with titles, in a fantasy-based LARP or perhaps in no such organization at all. However, if you agree with most or all of these statements, you might very well enjoy what you’d be getting yourself in for!


I am interested in history


I think history is fun


I am interested in having fun not only while learning but because I’m learning


I am interested in recreating history as accurately as possible, surrounded by friends who share my standards


I want to explore the past because it’s interesting, not because of a possible award or title or because I want to look more accurate or more posh than anyone else in the organization


I am willing to share what I know I find out and to help fel-low members achieve the same level of skill I have attained


I am willing to obey the dictates of an Authenticity Officer


I am interested in dealing with the public


I can operate without modern spectacles (contacts are allowed), sunglasses, sneakers, sun hats, parasols and other modern conveniences if they were not used in the period the organization recreates


I am interested in the geographic area and culture that the organization recreates


I am interested in the arts and crafts of the culture that the organization recreates


I am interested in the everyday life of the culture that the organization recreates

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