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Juvenile Books for the Fledgling Viking

Over at Norsefolk_2 (a very useful Yahoo group that you should join if you have interest in Norse and Anglo-Saxon cultures), someone asked for recommendations of books that would be of use in teaching elementary-school children about the culture.  Caveat: I’m no parent, but I have found these useful for educating younger folk and recommend these:

Susan M. Margeson. Viking (Eyewitness Books)
Photos of artifacts and reproductions, marred only by a tendency to mix in Victorian illustrations and a hesitation to distinguish artifact from repro

Laura Buller. Vikings (History Dudes)
A stylish illustrated volume that is apparently part of a series

Fiona MacDonald. Vikings (Hands On History)
A fun collection of activities that wouldn’t pass the AO but are very illuminating to a young person’s mind

Christine Hatt. The Viking World (Excavating the Past)
Jane Shuter. Life in a Viking Town (Picture the Past)
Jane Shuter. Life on a Viking Ship (Picture the Past)
Slender volumes that I bought at a Scandinavian festival

Terry Deary The Smashing Saxons (Horrible Histories)
Terry Deary The Vicious Vikings (Horrible Histories)
I recommend the hilarious Horrible Histories to adults as well.

Harry Kahl, Gudrun Wallengren, Søren Mainz and Søren Vadstrup. En Vikingemstkedsplade
A Danish language book with illustrations, dealing with kids who want to do Viking reenactment

I, of course, would love to hear about any titles that your like or that your kids like (and you approve of of course; No Hagar the Horrible’s Viking Survival Guides!)

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